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Three Mistakes Franchises Need to Avoid in Marketing

1. Inconsistency
Consistency builds trust and without proper brand guidelines in place, your brand will lose credibility. Customers can easily lose confidence in your brand if your typography, colour, tone of voice and the overall experience is inconsistent. Some franchisees may raise their hand and offer to do their own marketing, but you MUST ensure nothing is published or printed without approval. It must meet the requirements set in the branding guidelines.

This is vital because once a customer trusts your brand, the perceived value increases and this can create a beautiful domino effect which can influence employee engagement, market position and the financial value of your brand.

Think about some of the best and most consistent brands in the world. What are they? We bet Apple was at least one of them as they are the branding experts. Every product is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and every store is designed to provide the same customer experience – everywhere. It would be silly to deny this consistent marketing strategy has helped them elevate their brand value. See for yourself in this video which illustrates how Apple’s brand value skyrocketed after 2012.

2. Forgetting the follow up question
ALWAYS ask your customers how they heard about you. No matter how big your business is, a simple question such as, “What made you decide to come in today?” can go a long way in providing essential data needed in your marketing strategy.

It’s very easy to forget this follow up question after a successful sale or campaign and it’s almost as important as asking a customer to purchase. It’s never too late to ask this question either. You can do this through a simple Facebook poll or email survey as a start.

3. Reporting
Preparing a campaign can take weeks or even months. Unfortunately, many marketing teams rush to prepare for the next campaign in the calendar and neglect to analyse all the results. To make things more challenging, national franchise marketing campaigns often use above-the-line tactics to reach a larger audience which can make it hard to gather relevant data.

If this sounds familiar, try to include digital marketing tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook advertising or QR codes in your strategy. You can also try split testing emails, landing pages or different Facebook ad metrics. Split testing is a great strategy to help enhance your reporting. Once you have all the right elements in place to help your reports, we encourage you to allocate at least half a day to analyse all results from your marketing campaign. Depending on the size of your franchise or business, you can also have each team member provide relevant data for your report to make reporting more efficient. Either way, reporting is as important as planning.

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